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Thread: Which Sub homage?

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    Which Sub homage?

    Okay, all these years of watch collecting, and I still don't have a Submariner. I know there IS no SUBstitue, and an homage will probably just make me more motivated to get the real thing (see, there is a madness to my method!). But I've not made it a priority in my budget, so it's not happening soon.

    That said, there are so many out there with a similar look that are outright bargains, I just wonder if I should bite the bullet a bit and pick one up. I've seen the Alpha watches, certainly affordable, and not "pretending" at all to be Swiss. The O&Ws of Howard Marx's WestCoasTime are certainly a nice option, genuine Swiss with some available with a bit of red on the dial (like that look) and even some with sapphire crystals (this may end up as a work watch, working construction). A bit more pricey an option, but still quite affordable (maybe I'll feel less "guilty"?).

    Then there is Invicta. I know this is a hot button brand for many. Swiss? Says so. Some (many) have been known to bend the truth or outright lie to make a buck. But I have to say, I've seen them in the field, on various construction projects over the years. They never seem to fail to catch my eye. I think "is that a Rxxxx"? As I get closer the difference becomes obvious, but it seems something about them (is it a high polish?) just grabs my eye nearly every time.

    Of course there are many others I've not mentioned above, feel free to toss in their name (or a pic!) if you feel it's a good option.

    So, which Sub homage to buy? (I hear some of the Rollie owners in unison already, saying "None"- understandable). But if yes, which one, and why?
    Regards, T Bone

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    OK, generally I don't do homages. But, as an exception, I think Steinharts can work. Perhaps because they have models based on ionic discontinued models without actually copying them.

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    If you're going to go for one of these, my head says to try and avoid those that do just use a generic sub case.
    Steinhart isn't a straight copy of the Sub but it is a bigger watch too and as mentioned, they carry in their range, out of production styles which is a nice touch.

    Davosa is a closer Sub copy but with a few minor changes to shape and details
    i.e flattened the "famous" sharp points on the lugs, retained the narrow lugs and crown guards, bigger crown, they don't use the generic copy of the Rolex caseback or bracelet/clasp either.

    One of the things that people ask for is the classic narrow lug case with the ceramic bezel well, that's kinda what the Ternos is but they all have the date and cyclops.
    I'm tempted to pick one up as a beater, especially the blue but the cyclops will have to go.

    Does Squale still make/sell theirs?

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    I would look at the TAG Aquaracers or Squale 20 atm or for a better movement the OWC 5517
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    I know it isn't cheap but I think I like this over the real deal.

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    Regards Cam

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    Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Directly after writing the initial post, I went browsing online and discovered the Steinhart Ocean 1 Vintage Red. Very cool, and I think it might be "the one". As for the Nassau, I like it a lot (and have a healthy respect for Bill Yao), but it is currently listed as sold out/ordering closed, though there is mention of a wait list. Looks quite a bit like I remember the Kingston looking (not that that's a bad thing!), and the price is not off the charts.

    Looked at the Davosa too, they seem to be leaning a bit away from the Sub homage thing at the moment. There are still others to check out, and I won't be doing anything until after Christmas I doubt. Still open to other suggestions and ideas.
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    Even a broken watch shows correct time once or twice a day. I ought to know, I have a few!

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    Davosa have, for as long as I've known them, had an extensive range apart from the Ternos (Sub style dive watch).
    I'm a big fan of their Traveller GMT models.

    Back to the Ternos.
    The latest model with the helium escape valve has the date but no cyclops and I think there is also a no-date version of this one. It's a thicker watch too though.

    because I didn't show it before, the stock image of the one that I have an itch for.

    I really like that big crown

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    Vintage bond type 6538 - go for the MkII Nassau

    For a 5513 or 5517 type homage i'd recommend the OWC, plus it comes with Soprod A-10 movement and ceramic bezel. Its probably the best out there.

    But i'll add, not a fan of homages, i'd rathe have an original design

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    I had a Steinhart once - for all of five minutes. There was nothing wrong with it, other than being oversized, but it didn't really satisfy in any way.

    I don't think I'd have another hommage. If I felt I wanted a diver in the sub category, rather than an imitator, I'd go for a Seiko Marine Master 300.

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