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Thread: GS in the house.

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    GS in the house.

    I was going to keep this watch a secret until I was ready to post my impressions (which are generally great), but wschofield3 convinced me to throw up some photos. They're not great and don't capture the dial all that well, but I don't have the patience to play around with lighting today.

    At the height of it all, it was between this and the SBGA109. In the end, I didn't think the 109's dial and the fact that the movement was assembled by Seiko's "elite" watchmakers justified the price difference. I'm also inclined to believe that the Snowflake will become a classic, whereas the 109 will be yet another GS limited edition.

    I waited four or five years to see GS in person. Some were terribly underwhelming, while others, like this one, caught my eye--I never expected to love the Snowflake because I disliked it in photos. But you know how it goes: once it's on your wrist and you like the look, the rest is history.
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    Very nice. I have yet to see a snowflake in person, something I really want rectify. I also agree with you, I think that watch has excellent "classic" potential.

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    Wow, that's a beautiful watch!

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    Beautiful, and thanks for posting the pics! I know if a watch gets your nod of approval, it's something special.

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    Regards Cam

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    Great pickup!!!!! That surely looks like a keeper to me .

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    I've yet to see one in person as well. I have to get to that new Seiko boutique on Madison Ave in NYC soon.

    Congrats on the beautiful watch. From what I've read from you in the past, you're not an impulse buyer and you make informed decisions. For how long were you scoping this one out?

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    Beautiful new acquisition -- congrats. It is indeed a classic.

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    You definitely made the right choice. The dial of the snowflake is perfect, I find the dial of the SBGA109 a tad tacky, we know its a GS, we don't need it all over the dial to know that!!

    You indeed have a classic.

    What is the colour of the titanium like? It never really comes across in photos.

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