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Thread: MTG - "Twisted Metal"

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    MTG - "Twisted Metal"

    Hello fellow gshockers,

    I have been seriously looking into the new MTG watches. I was wondering if someone can tell me how these wear compared to other G's. Does it wear like the king or frogman? I had both and felt both were too big and uncomfortable to daily wear. I have a 7.75 inch wrist and can wear big watch. I'm just wondering if it is big like the Super Avenger?

    I have slimmed down my collection tremendously and couldn't mentally and financially control all the flipping and collecting. The only two watches I own are a Rolex GMT2C and a gshock 5600 (the one that started all the madness). I am looking to buy another watch that can be worn in casual settings (weekends, the pool, bars,...etc).

    I really like the model MTGS1000BD-5A (the Rose Gold and Black colored model). Does anyone know when this watch may come out? or can you get it "from Japan".

    Lastly- Hello to Sjors !!!!

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    Looks like a bunch of them are available on ebay at a good price, shipping from the US.

    I have the MTG-S1000D (silver) and MTG-S1000BD (basic black) and love them both.

    They're pretty big, but wear comfortably.

    My advice would be to try one on first if you can.

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