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View Poll Results: Seiko Monster - Original dial or version 2?

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Thread: Dial vote - Monster version 1 or version 2

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    Dial vote - Monster version 1 or version 2

    What's your favourite?

    Doesn't matter what colour, do you prefer the original blocky or the newer fanged indices?

    I think I prefer the original, and will probably modify my v2 orange monster with an original dial.

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    Here's my new v2, but might swap the dial

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    Dinger of Hum Chronopolitano's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    It push came to shove, Id go with the original, but only because the Fangs on the new dial drive me batty.

    But since there was that third option - 'Both are rubbish' - I opted for that one.
    I love my Monsters, but just not the way Seiko made them.
    So, while I have 7 Monsters, I do not have any in their original state.
    My most recent mod: Low Blast case.

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    I really like the new Monsters. V2 all the way. I just wish they stuck with the original crown. The new one is nice, but doesn't match the watch.
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    Another vote for the V2. Agree with Domo about the crown though.......
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
    Groucho Marx

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    Wherever there's doughnuts.
    V1. I don't like change.

    "He's just a witness"

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    I like 'em both but prefer V1 a little more. How about the new Prospex 6R15 date only model? Too pricey for me (would rather own a Sumo) but I like it too.

    Seiko sbdc023 (Photo from ratuken co.)
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    I like them both but V2 edges it a bit for the dial, but i prefer the crown on the V1, reason i haven't pulled the trigger yet. Just can't decide on which to get


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    I *think* I prefer the over-all dial of gen 2 on the Orange monster. I think the "whiter" hour markers during the day, and the markers are black/dark framed. It looks good against the Orange dial.

    But for the black monster, I would prefer the gen 1, the rectangular hour markers.

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    Gen 2..but don't think I would ever buy one :-)

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