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Thread: WRUW - Friday - 29 January 2016

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    WRUW - Friday - 29 January 2016

    Good morning.

    Quartz chrono (desk) diver

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    Have a great day.

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    Seiko on IWL NATO for Friday:
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    Seiko 5 50th Anniversary World Time.

    Happy Friday!

    Eterna | Tudor | Seiko | Casio | G-Shock | Orient | Swatch | Mondaine | Zodiac (pre-Fossil) | Rolex | Wenger | Hamilton Pulsar Time Computer | Omega | Timex | Bucherer | Citizen

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    one's's left

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    I have stored my watches on the drawer and left with these 2 (plus keep the M-Force running)... i have a bunch of watches incoming from my family member that will visit tomorow.. a couple of seiko,and a bunch of timex,casio and armitron (mostly very inexpensive one that she got on clearance =) ... it is the thought that count.. and i do happy with them..

    the skx007.. it will do until someday i get my self 'the turtle'.

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    and of course my most dependable watch.. the one that feel like an old pal on the wrist.. my fav digital
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    and will pack these two to be sent..
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    have a great weekend everybody!
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    The pessimist says it can't get any worse while the optimist says it can.

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    Wrist-sharing two Germans

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Back to this one on black Perlon. Have a great weekend!

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