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Thread: Please separate Seiko & Citizen forums, and....

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    Please separate Seiko & Citizen forums, and....

    ....Put Bulova in with Citizen.


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    Not sure why this is in Dive Watches, but I'll tell you our reasoning. Since the early days of watch forums (the old SCWF on N54), Seiko and Citizen have been together. Most fans of one brand are fans of the other. As someone who was a S&C mod for years on another big site, I can tell you that we often got the request to split so we did a lot of analysis. The bottom line is that Seiko can stand alone, but Citizen has far less traffic overall. Without the Seiko fans popping by to see the Citizen threads, the traffic would drop even more. Not to mention you then end up with Orient floating out there without a home. So we made the decision to keep with tradition and put all non G-Shock Japanese watches together. I know the decision won't please everyone, but we strongly feel that it's better to have a smaller number of busy forums rather than a lot of fragmented, small forums.

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