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Thread: Sales Corner Rules PLEASE READ!

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    Sales Corner Rules PLEASE READ!

    Welcome to the IWL sales corner.

    Sales Corner Rules:

    1. Every thread MUST include a good description of the watch and at least 1 picture that is taken BY YOU of your watch.
    2. Every sale must have an asking price for your watch
    3. You must list where you are willing to sell your watch (CONUS, UK, All countries)
    4. You must list what forms of payment you are willing to accept
    5. If accepting Paypal, no "gift" is allowed since it is against terms of service for Paypal.
    6. You may list up to 10 watches or straps at any given time.
    7. No fake watches
    8. No watches that aren't currently in your possession
    9. No links to Ebay or any other site here
    10. No Want to Buy (WTB) or Want to Trade (WTT) posts here. There is a separate forum for that.
    11. Dealers are welcome for now. This could change if we form a dealer forum
    12. No passing along paypal fees to buyers. If you want fees covered, reflect that in your price.
    13. No listing of products not related to watches.
    14. Moderators reserve the right to delete any thread that doesn't comply with the rules or that we deem suspicious/fraudulent.
    15. No posting Marina Militare watches for sale or trade.
    16. Keep your asking price intact for your sale. We don't ask that you reveal selling price.
    17. Bumps are limited to 1 (one) every 12 hours
    18. Please don't delete all of the sale information after your sale is complete.
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