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Thread: The cars and bikes thread!

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    Cool The cars and bikes thread!

    Anyone into cars or bikes?

    Thought it would be cool to share some of the projects you're doing or completed or just whatever car or bike you've got right now!

    I recently started a project for my new Hilti salesman, decided to buy him a Suzuki Supercarry.
    It's tiny and perfectly suited for African traffic with 4WD and plenty of boot space for all the tools he'll be lugging around.

    Started out like this;

    Bit of body filler and rust repair but in general it was in very good condition.
    Then gave it a full body wrap;

    As you can see they ended up putting some of the vinyl the wrong way round!
    Had to get some of it done again.

    Then from my stock of wheels I had this badass set of SSR split rims, never seen a set like it, and they fit right on the van.
    The originals were 12's and these are 13's;

    Went with 185/60/13's. Managed to get some Kumho's for a great price at 35% discount.

    And there you have it, one badass Hilti van;

    Very simple project but it was good fun, I'd had the wheels for 3 years so it was great to see them on something!
    I really wanted to lower it a bit but recent flooding would result in the van floating!

    As for me, here's my latest build, Yamaha SR400 Café Racer;

    So what do you have, I wanna see!

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    I like cars, but I don't like spending much money on my day to day car. So I need something safe, big, comfortable and not too expensive. So I drive one of these:

    (not mine, pic from the interwebs)

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    Will have this finally done by next spring-

    Almost as expensive of a hobby as collecting watches........

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    Also like to play with this-

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    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
    Groucho Marx

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    My daily drive, baby hauler, beater, track toy all in one... LOL

    2008 Infiniti G35S 6MT

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    Great idea, Faiz! My father was a builder and we used Hilti guns often. Nothing exciting from me. Found some pics on the web that match my not-so-unique vehicles.

    Family hauler for my crew of 7.

    Honda CRV. I had a 2007 that I traded in at 14 years old having never spent a dime on it beyond regular maintenance. The new one looks like this, and has been just as reliable. It's usually loaded with bikes or pulling a trailer as I head towards the ocean or mountains. Surprisingly rugged vehicle considering it's not truck based.

    My last bike, sold when the first child came along...

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    This is mine.
    A 10 yr old Alfa 156 2 litre Twin Spark.

    In the middle of a suspension overhaul a while back.

    This lot went into the front.

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    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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    Had this '06 STI until my insurance doubled when my teenager got a license, so traded it for another winter mobile.....

    ......this PRO-4X with 6-speed stick version of the Xterra by Nissan, built in USA.
    Only the PRO-4X has the white gauges.

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    We have an X-Terra also. And 3 other cars.

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