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Thread: Time to choose my Kickstarter purchase

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    Mountebank MarkO's Avatar
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    Time to choose my Kickstarter purchase

    I decided to support a Kickstarter watch and it has now finished its period and is funded to go ahead, In the next couple of days I will be asked to pick one dial colour and one strap.
    I was heading towards the dark green but thought i may as well ask for opinions. Here are a few pics.

    The date wheel on the Forest Ore will be black not white.

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    Watch Degenerate ~El Ocho 1~'s Avatar
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    I'm a sucker for blues....but the Forrest Ore is nice too.

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    I'd choose the blue dial and either the sand or gray calf strap.

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    I had been following this one, I think it's one of the most interesting new case designs I've seen. Unfortunately, too big for me at 44mm. I'm a sucker for blue dials, and if you don't have a lot of them, that would probably be my first choice. If it were me, OTOH, I've already got several nice blue dial watches, and probably would have gone for the Beach model. Not a fan of the green, particularly. But I bet you will love the watch if the quality is anything as good as the pictures. Plus the owner seems to be putting a lot of personal effort and communication into the project. Good luck!

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    Dive Watches & Japanese Moderator OTGabe's Avatar
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    Blue slate for me, but I like the green also.

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    With Blue and Black dials in my collection, the Beach offers something different, I like it

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    A Real Boy SteamJ's Avatar
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    I do like that beach a lot but the blue stands out as a little more attractive to me. Also the beach would be harder to pair a strap with (though I think it would look slick with a red leather strap) so I have to vote blue. Nice watch either way.

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    Member number 236 Richmondmike's Avatar
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    Beach is stunning and very few watches are that could so will be a unique addition to your collection.
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    blue on the black calf. I really really wanted to fall in love with that because of the unique case, but at 44mm there's just no way I can wear it. Hoping his next offering will be more like 40mm.

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    Another vote for blue slate, Would really pop with the bracelet.
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