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Thread: Where did all the DOMED glass watches go?

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    Where did all the DOMED glass watches go?

    Why does it appear that there are few, if any, watches with a domed glass anymore? I love my Raysman, 9700 Gulfman, and others. Is it just a money issue?

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    There are at least a few - like the GW-3500 and it looked great on that one. But you're right - I wish there were more Casios with domed crystals.

    cheers, Sedi

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    Seems like a domed crystal would reduce the rigidity of a G-shock, no?

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    I see the point of a domed glass more on an analog G, than a fully digital one, though the glass on the classic DW-9350 looks absolutely stunning.

    I love how they made the domed glass on my blue-accent GA-1000-2B aviator. Somehow even the reflection is blue-tinged, and you can't get this effect with a flat crystal. I fear it would scratch one day though Oh, well. It's a G, after all... they laugh in the face of danger!

    Good post! Let's hope someone at CASIO is reading this and planning more domed crystals for us in the future!

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    Yep! The GA-1000's domed crystal is lovely.

    The blue tinge appears to be an anti-reflective coating on the outside. I'm a little concerned about it scratching, but it hasn't yet.

    Of course, knowing me, I wish it was double domed, but hey, I'm happy enough with the single dome.

    And besides, once the mineral crystal gets banged to hell, it'll be high time for me to swap out for another Aviator.

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