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Thread: Stuhrling Zephyr

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    Stuhrling Zephyr

    This is a watch that I knew I had to have the first time I saw one. I love gadgets. This watch is definitely a gadget. But unlike many inexpensive gadgets these days, this one is made really well.

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    I do t have much to say about it other than I get more satisfaction for each dollar spent on this watch than with any other I've ever owned.

    It's built like a tank. The polish and brushing is really, really nice. The strap is killer.

    To boot, it's very accurate. Runs about +5 s/d and has great precision. Reliable is a great word for it. I used to know the movement maker, but forgot. It's the major one that starts with an "S". Reminds me of Shanghai, but it's not. I'm sure you guys will know.

    Anyway, it's my single collection piece that is most definitely Chinese and not ashamed of it. I'm not either. I love this watch and show it off proudly.

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    Cool watch, quite some presence!
    The movement manufacturer indeed starts with an S, it's a SeaGull ST17

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    Cool watch, quite some presence!
    The movement manufacturer indeed starts with an S, it's a SeaGull ST17
    It's a good movement. It runs great. The only negative comment that I can think of is that it occasionally skips a tooth when moving the crown back and then forward when winding it. At least that's what it feels and sounds like. Maybe it's just mechanism that engages winding, but it slips.

    Otherwise, it runs great and is really unique.

    Thanks for the feedback on the movement.

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    Looks crazy, crazy cool.Thanks for showing us.
    People sleep peaceably in their beds @ night ONLY because rough men stand ready to do VIOLENCE
    on their behalf.....



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