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Thread: 1 brand, 3 watch challenge, phase 2, cont.

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    1 brand, 3 watch challenge, phase 2, cont.

    As much as I enjoy handing out red cards, for this next phase of the challenge, I decided to keep everyone in the competition. Besides, if I had been as strict as I normally am there would've only been only a handful of eligible entries. Only the first entry will be considered for anyone who entered more than one, and the rule regarding having to own one of the watches had to be adhered to.

    This is the original thread: IWL Challenge: 1 brand, 3 watches, all you need for 20 years!

    I have lumped the entries into 4 different group with the brands with the most entries dominating each of them. Now to the polls!

    Next up, the Japan Group:

    There are 8 entries in this poll. As with the other groups, not all brands in this group are from Japan, just the majority of entries are, but for the purpose of keeping a ore or less equal number of entries in each group other brands were added to each. One more will follow in the next day or two. Each poll will be open 5 days. The winners of each poll will face off against each other in the next phases.

    Please refer to the original thread and vote for the entry you would be most willing to wear exclusively over the next 20 years. If your entry is in this poll, feel free to promote your choices as you wish.

    Please also remember to vote in the other polls:

    1 brand, 3 watch challenge, phase 2, continued!

    1 Brand 3 watch Challenge Phase 2

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    My choice would be Citizen. The fit my general watch interest, enjoyable watches that are not too flashy. They are from a brand that makes great watches, but it will likely never breed contempt. I prefer solar over standard quartz, so Eco-Drive covers that base. They also offer a wide range of watches, a plus for this particular scenario....

    The first one, I already own:

    Citizen Signature Grand Classic

    An Eco-Drive Promaster Diver. The minute hand is funky enough to keep it from being boring, but it is basic enough to be worn most anywhere.

    Last would be a watch that I continue to eye, but have yet to purchase. Chronomaster

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    Special occasions and dressy



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    SBGX091 for when I'm feeling punctual, SBGA075 for when I'm feeling smooth and SBGJ005 for when I'm feeling tightly-strung.

    If I have to explain to you that I own these three watches then frankly you're not paying enough attention to my posts

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    I'm not expecting any 'like' but just for fun of this thread, these would be them.. all casio g-shock, since i have spare parts for these.. and i love this particular model dearly..

    thank God this thread is fiction! to bad there's no automatic/mechanical casio.

    Attached Images

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    Not sure I have many options on this one LOL

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    I've got a late 60s Skyliner manual (37mm)

    I would like an early 70s Lord Marvel manual (34mm)

    and an SBGW047 manual (38mm) which was released recently in an LE

    As you might have guessed, my watch philosophy is: manual, no numerals, central seconds, no date, sub-40mm, on a strap

    Obligatory wrist shot:

    Sadly the blue dial on that Lord Marvel is inauthentic, the watch was only released with light dials

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    I am going to be contrarian and not pick Rado, as obvious a choice as it is.Since I am not paying. I'll pick RGM. Daily wear will be the RGM I own

    zP1010633 by hankblanc, on Flickr

    Next up the RGM 400

    And something in-house from Roland the 801E;

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    The 'competition' is clearly rigged!

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    If you mean this is a thought experiment, then I'm in. If you mean really live with only three watches, well, um, no. I didn't do that even before I became a watch nut. With that said, I'll follow your rules, even though I'm not really afraid of your yardstick.

    I could live with these three from...oh...what was it...right on the tip of my tongue...yeah...Ebel:

    Ebel Sport Classic Chronograph, powered by Zenith El Primero.

    Philosophy line 1: My profession deals with things that are timed, and a chronograph is not just a toy for me. And if I'm going to own a chronograph, I want one that was cool, hip, and pricey when I was starting in that profession, so that I can pretend there was a time in my life when I was cool, hip, and rich. This is that watch. I'm happy to wear this in any work environment, and I've even had women (at least women my age) tell me that this is the nicest looking watch they've ever seen.

    But, then, everyone needs a diver. Philosophy line 2: I sometimes get wet. I don't dive, but I don't mind if people think I do. So:

    Ebel Sportwave Aquatica 500 Limited Edition (008/100). (The 300m version was not limited.)

    The Aquatica has everything a diver is supposed to have, plus something that few have: (Philosophy line 3) No obvious derivation from the Rolex Submariner. This watch has real presence and depth (so to speak) in real life, too.

    And, finally, everyone needs a watch to wear with a suit:

    If I'm going to dress up, I want a watch that (Philosophy line 4) suggests that I not only have money, but that I also have taste and style. This is a conservative watch that has taste and style, a Duke Ellington among Lawrence Welks.

    Nevermind that nothing else I'm wearing will reinforce that suggestion...

    I own all three. Lessee...wrist shots...

    I would have loved all of these 20 years ago, and I love them now. 20 years from now I will still love them. There will still be times when I time things, want people to think there was a time when I was cool and rich, want people to think I could go diving, and that I have taste and style.

    Rick "not thinking he missed anything" Denney

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