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Thread: FS: WUS Dual Crown Project Watch Plus...

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    FS: WUS Dual Crown Project Watch Plus...

    It's a nice watch but I never bonded with it, so I rarely wear it:

    In addition to the leather strap and the dragon rotor that came with it, there's a rubber Bometto strap (the vanilla scented one), a heavy duty bond nato from Crown and Buckle (if I remember correctly), a leather strap with more subtle stiching than the project strap, and a red, white and blue nato that I used on the 4th of July:

    And, like the watch, there's very limited usage on the straps.

    The only issue with the watch is occasionally something pops out of place when setting the time. I just push the crown back in, pull it out, and finish setting the time. Other than that, it runs great and that was so not worth sending it back to Thomas for.

    Given the rarity of the watch (this is #42 of 155), extra straps, and that I'll cover Fedex postage and PayPal fees, I'm asking the $262 I paid for it (CONUS only)Price Drop! $250!:
    2012 Forum Project Watch

    Plus, for a limited time only, 3 Casio watches!!!




    (Yeah, this one's pretty scratched up)

    That's 4 watches and 5 straps shipped to you for just $250us!!! That's like an instant collection!!!

    Not to be seen in stores!!! ORDER YOURS TODAY!!!!!!

    Thanks for looking!
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