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Thread: Can I get an assist from the Rolex among us?

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    Can I get an assist from the Rolex among us?

    Hey Cats,

    A good Pal hooked me up with his latest Submariner find. It has been properly authenticated and he asked me to offer a second opinion on it.

    It's just a stunning piece but not something I'd wear too often. It's in beautiful condition, the stainless abd solid gold is quite clean on it, I'm thinking the previous owner wore it sparingly.

    With all that said there is an issue with the dial. I put the watch under 20x magnification and found a potential serious problem with the dial.

    Near the 8 position I found a black streak or it's a scratch on the mother of pearl dial, it's pretty big, next to this streak the gold set diamond chapter mark looks dislodged and is threatening to fall off. This problem was missed on its initial inspection.

    Finally the crystal shows light edge chipping which may indicate that it's been dropped.

    I would prefer not to disassemble the watch to make the repair as I feel he should return the watch and get his $$ back which I won't share here but will say it's pretty much spot on researched market value.

    One more item to offer, it's a 90's piece so it doesn't have the ident mark.

    Please see the picture. I tried to get a detailed shot of the dial damage but I couldn't no matter what I tried.

    In the back of my mind I'm thinking Rolex in house alteration to swap this dial into the watch.

    Any insight into this watch would be great. Would like to advise my Pal properly on this one, there's a lot of money at stake.

    Thanks for reading my note folks.


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    Unless it was some sort of bargain that will cover the repair and still be a bargain (to make up for the repair) I'd be going for the return, because:

    1) Rolex put a dial together well, things don't just 'threaten to fall out' without a reason.

    2) You have identified a reason for the damage, having been dropped, and we all know that that can lead to further complications - if the dial is damaged, then the movement is likely to have been

    3) I'd assume that the purchase is based on a watch of a certain value. this isn't that watch, it's a watch that is going to be well over a thousand pounds (at best - precautionary service and check, new crystal, new dial and so on) assuming that this is all that is wrong.

    4) once you have noticed damage like this it will shout at you every single time you look at the watch ending with a watch you hate to wear.

    It seems pretty open and shut to me, and I think you know that already. No one likes to give bad news and I can understand you wanting a second opinion, but...

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    ^ plus one to what he said. If its not a deal then i would pass

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