INVICTA was trademarked as a watch, parts, boxes, and packaging brand name by Les Fils De R. Picard, of La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland, (founded in 1837) in 1896. By 1911 the name INVICTA was included in the companys' name. Invicta was still trading in the 1960's. The company also traded under the names Seeland Watch Co and Eno Watch Co.
Invicta was founded in 1837 as R. Picard. In 1896, "Invicta" and "Telescope" were registered for watches.
"Ads for both Invicta and Seeland in 1922 mentioned a Gold Medal won by the firm in 1914 at the Swiss Exhibition in Berne."
"FILS DE R. PICARD & CIE, INVICTA, was listed from 1920 to 1925. Another firm which they were associated with, SEELAND, was listed in 1920 for thin watches at the same address as INVICTA. SEELAND was listed in 1923 both as SEELAND ATELIER DE TERMINAGES and as SEELAND WATCH CO."
"In 1940, INVICTA was imported to the US by Morris Hoffman, Invicta-Seeland Inc., New York."
In 1967, SEELAND became ISECA SA, La Chaux de Fonds.
In 1970, INVICTA and Waltham were financially integrated.
In 1982, ISECA SA was withdrawn from the Register of Commerce by decision of the shareholders.
In 1986, INVICTA was listed as a brand of ONDIX SA.

SEELAND appears to have been founded by Frederic Seeland, the American manager of IWC, who left there in 1879. It registered "SWC" in 1896. In 1902, it became JUDITH & CO. and in 1913, back to SEELAND WATCH CO.
The history of co-habitation with INVICTA is as above, by in 1937 the company changed its name to INVICTA SA.


Brunner and Pfeiffer-Belli, Swiss Wristwatches (page 138) shows an INVICTA ad for a "Secontrol" for physicians, nurses, engineers, sportsmen, and foremen [not recommended for military use?]. It lists for contacts: Invicta-Seeland Inc, New York, established 1837 and Invicta SA fondee en 1837.
On page 124, they show a Seeland "Time Log Watch" with chronograph, Invicta, 1940 and a Seeland "Secontrol" with controllable second hand, Invicta, 1940. The "Time Log Watch" looks like this with what I think is a Landeron 48. I'm guessing "Bernley" is a UK or US jeweler

And what really happened to Invicta Montre SA which is the company founded by Mr. Piccard? OOPS! It does not exist anymore. Invicta Watch Group with a made up history unless Eyal can prove me wrong. I dare him to.
Show us the drawings, shipping labels or orders for the 1959 Russian Diver you and your company claim to have made for :
Behind door #1....... Russian Divers
Behind door #2....... Russian Officers
Behind door #3.......Russian Officers who were divers

Show us the Swiss Factories which you have never had...
Show us the contract you had with Dubois-Depraz
Show us the appraisal of those "diamond accents"
I could go on for hours like this quoting the lies, deceptions, mis-directions. But I digress.....
Eyal, you and your buddy and employee the MD 20.20 and the Corona Gorda man are full of crap.

As to Sector, they claimed Invicta as part of the Company until 2002, which blows the claims Invicta makes out of the water. IWG came around from latin america when Opera Funding aka Bulgari Group purchased sector. Opera Funding takes companies public ans as such one has to wonder if there is any involvement by them in the funding of IWG.

For those who doubt my statement about the previous Sector/Invicta relationship the press release is below from 2001 and I have yet to see a sales agreement between Opera and IWG. I have asked three times for information about the relationship and each time informed it could not be disclosed.



The investment company Opera, created by the Bulgari Group, which is also its main investor, has taken over the Sector Group and turned it into a new structure, a Luxembourg holding company bearing the name of Quadrante. Shareholdings in the capital of this holding company are distributed as follows: 77 % for Opera, 15 % for Tetragon Partners (Luxembourg investment company), 5 % for the Giardiello family (founder of Sector) and 3 % for Enrico Ceccato, the new Manager Director of Quadrante. The aim of this transaction, representing around 160 million francs, is to give a boost to all of the group's own brands or those under license, and to develop business in international markets.
Enrico Ceccato has extensive professional experience. He was formerly the President and CEO of Direct Spa, Manager and COO of the Autogrill Group, Managing Director of Fila Italia and Vice-President of Killer Loop (Benetton Group).
Members of the Quadrante board include Francesco Trapani and Silvio Ursini, respectively Chairman of the Board of Directors and Marketing Director of Bulgari, Renato Preti and Magnolia Albertazzi for the management of Opera, Stefano Bonfiglio for Tetragon Partners and Filippo Giardiello.
The new strategic plan envisages consolidation of the Group's leading position in Italy and its international revival through the growth of existing brands and new license agreements with some of the most prestigious brands, as well as through new acquisitions.
With a turnover of around 150 million francs, the Sector Group is one of Italy's leading sports watch suppliers. Represented in around 50 countries, it also sells famous brands such as Philip Watch, Chronostar and the collection of watches designed by Roberto Cavalli. Mode, Invicta and Lucien Rochat are among the other brands on its roster.