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Thread: Mil Diver History: great article

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    Mil Diver History: great article

    From Panerai to Kampfschwimmers, via Oyster pocket watches and the classic Subs:

    a revisionist history of military dive watches

    You’ve maybe read this (from 2012) but it was fascinating to me*, and delves a good bit deeper (ha) than manufacturers’ marketing hype

    Posted in Central cos it feels like general interest - the watches have gone beyond their murky origins (ha again) to become in some cases cultural icons
    And the tech is interesting

    *Reading inspired by the Firsts thread :-)
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    Very good - I hadn’t seen that article before. It was also pleasing to see that it doesn’t mention the subject of one of my forthcoming ‘things’.

    The article includes one of the famous ‘Hudson letters’. Henry Hudson was the General Manager at Rolex UK in Bexley, and may have been the only Rolex employee more than happy to reveal the full provenance of a Rolex, including those issued to the military. There were no more provenance letters after Henry Hudson retired.

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