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Thread: Good phone apps

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    Good phone apps

    Any recommendations? Not for anything specific really . Alongside the usual imdb, banking apps, Google sheets etc I find the below very useful, dunno if anyone else might. I have an HTC one m9 android.

    Square instapic - for squaring round a rectangular pic for instagram, without losing content
    Jorte calendar widget - because my HTC stock one doesn't show what's happening on a day in month view, merely that something is happening, which has isn't much use, this shows the lot
    Quickpic gallery - for reducing the size of images before posting here, because they're about 5mb natively, and the stock gallery app doesn't do that
    SwiftKey keyboard - much better than the stock, which turns off auto complete all the time now on various apps, which is infuriating
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    Love SwiftKey
    I also use Aftership for tracking parcels and Google Keep for notes and lists
    (Sony Xperia z3 compact Android)

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    "Snapseed" for tarting up phone camera photos eg



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    What a GREAT idea for a thread!

    Not sure these are all usuable worldwide, some my only be valid here in North America. All Android BTW, I don't do iPhone. Some may be available in either format.

    My Radar, a very good weather radar program, much better than the weather channel's standard.

    Pandora. Get it on your computer and your phone, great music built to your personal tastes.

    Brightest Flashlight (or a similar flashlight app). Incredibly handy.

    Advanced Task Killer. Recommended by the Geek who sold me my first smart phone. Cuts excess apps running when they don't need to be.

    Merriam Webster Dictionary. Love the "Word of the day" feature. Today's word is metadata.

    Zillow. Want to look for real estate? This is the place.

    Zedge. Ring tones and notifications galore. From Minions to Jetsons to Robot Chicken, it's there. I have the hotline from Our Man Flint (also used in Austin Powers) ring tone for some occasions. Robot Chicken ending for an alarm. Jetsons car drive by for notification. My standard ringtone is the Cisco phone you hear everywhere (used on the tv show 24).

    Compass. Never know when you'll need one.

    Photobucket. Upload direct from your phone to your account. Can even enable auto-backup for images. I will start using this with screen shots to back up my notes (lost a bunch of notes recently when my Galaxy S3 took a dive- now replaced with an S5).

    Color Note. Like post it notes for your phone.

    Do It Tomorrow. A list for yourself (and for us procrastinators). It automatically rolls tasks you've not completed to the current date .

    Time Calibrator. Linked to the Atomic Clock (I used to use Navy Clock, seems to no longer be available?).

    QR Barcode Scanner. The most effective of the 3 available for me anyway.

    FireFox Browser.

    Chrome Browser.

    GunBroker. Bought a half dozen or so from this site in the last 18 months or so. Very good site and app if you're so inclined.

    Can you tell I love my phone? I don't know how we all got along without them for so many years (yet we did!), but they are a dream come true.
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    Gesture Search

    With a single swipe of the first letter of the name, it pulls it up instead of having to go through an entire contact list on your phone.
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    Shazam: tells you the name of the song you're listening to but can't remember the name of.

    Weather Live: a ho-hum weather app that constantly updates and states the temp.

    IMDB, International Movie Data Base: everything you want to know about movies and TV shows, directors, actors, etc., all in one place. Cross-referenced to show who that one guy was who was in that TV show with that one girl who was in that other movie you like.

    Urban Dictionary: you can look up all the slang words the young people are using against you.

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    BeerBuddy. You take a pic of the skew and it tells you about the brew, returns aggregate ratings and specific reviews from It locks once in a while, but almost never fails to deliver the matter how obscure the beer. It's indispensable when staring down walls of bottles that can run from $5 to $11 a pop. As a rule anything under a 3.5 rating for a fancy/expensive/high alcohol beer gets put back.

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    Does it improve your swing?! If so I'm getting it.

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