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Thread: Who likes peanut butter!

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    Who likes peanut butter!

    Like most jobs, mine can get tedious and, yes, a bit boring.
    What to do? What to do?

    Get creative. Have some fun!

    My job entails much crushing and pulverizing of ore samples for x-Ray fluorescence assay. Hence, my own, personal, pulverizer!

    A little while ago, I was watching my pulverizer pulverise (akin to watching paint dry), and thought, "you know, they pulverize peanuts to make peanut butter.", and I was off!

    I bought a jar of dry roasted nuts, took them to work on a weekend, and got down to business.
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    The pulverizer-a BICO vibrating unit that uses a steel bowl with steel rings and puck.
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    Approximately 100g of nuts loaded.
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    After about 40 seconds of intense vibration at about 900 rpm, 81gr of peanutty goodness!

    So, pulverizer-$8200.00, steel bowl & rings-$2022.00, peanuts-$1.00 (dollar store!) = $1.56/gr, or approximately $638.00/lb. to recoup initial cost.

    I'll begin taking orders next week.

    I'll add honey for 10.
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    My family loves peanut butter. I'll take 2 jars.

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    Can you do extra chunky?

    In grad school, I was always tempted to use the lyophilizer to freeze dry some snacks. If it wasn't constantly used for stuff that could kill you (quickly or slow and painfully), I probably would have done it.

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    I really like peanut butter and really like your idea for killing some time.

    It puts me in mmd of my Air Force days which involved large quantities of liquid nitrogen poured into highly amusing places. Hard to believe they trusted us with expensive and secret stuff. Good times.

    I'll be passing through Tennessee mid-August so I can pick my order up then and save you the hassle of shipping.

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    I only like smooth can you get it?

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    What a superb post. How does it taste?

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    I adore chunky peanut butter. Packed with protein, filling, and not too unhealthy.

    I used to order it from myprotein by the kilo - it's just crushed nuts with shells on - but I prefer it with 1% of salt and sugar added.

    Quote Originally Posted by whatmeworry View Post
    What a superb post. How does it taste?
    Was just about to say what an excellent thread!
    Follow IWL on instagram!

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    Heavenly. What a great idea.

    Its amazing that with all the types of nut butters (and I've had them all - almond, cashew, macadamia, hazelnut, pistachio), but peanut is still the king of butters (although its not technically a nut).

    I'll have 27 jars please

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    Nutritional bonus: It's high in "trace elements"

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    great tasting - check
    nifty idea - check
    great use of otherwise idle equipment - check

    ..But does it fluoresce?
    Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

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