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Thread: F is for the ?? name the watches

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits

    F is for the ?? name the watches

    Festina Prima La Chaux De-Fonds

    Well have the Festina above and below a watch that I think first started out as a ladies pocket watch due to size and the movement type barrel lever ? has foreign on the dial think it is Swiss or French but have not really got a clue no really marking to speak of to date it or locate to a country. so think I will have to be on the look out for more letter F watches so what you got then.

    foreign Swiss/French maybe ?

    so lets seem them. am interested to see what will be shown

    As always Ismy

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    Just my old Fossil ME1048 twist

    Google pic
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    Festina Havana with MoP dial on ostrich leather strap.
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    Favre-Leuba for me, too--a caliber 253 Twinpower movement, from the late 60's. The movement was quite flat and well-made for the price at the time, with two mainsprings, a Glucydur balance, and a full balance bridge.

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    Rick "who needs a decent movement pic" Denney
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    The "iconic" F71 (I hope this does not get me in trouble....). Not my pic, but I have the watch and it's really nice. Actually, it's a Bernhardt Binnacle Anchor with a custom dial and caseback. And a normal, and very good, bracelet.

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