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Thread: Aqua Terra - optimus classis

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    Aqua Terra - optimus classis

    Good things about my new Aqua Terra:

    • Smart but not sleek. Handsome but not flashy. Mature but not stuffy. Distinctive but not contrived.

    • Both classic and modern, meaning long-term as well as immediate appeal.

    • An ideal size, 38.5mm, if you think the Datejust is either too big or too small.

    • Delightful detail when you look for it, just a touch of class when you don't.

    • The rear view is as pretty as a picture.

    • Not a dress watch and not a sports watch - just a 'watch, gents' in the classic manner.

    • Relatively affordable, given its upper crust credentials. Even more affordable if purchased from a grey dealer, like this one.

    • It's got a tiny piece of George Daniels in it.

    • Super-sophisticated in slate grey.

    • Makes a Datejust look like your Auntie Nora.

    I could go on - there's the white gold, the independent hour hand (so obvious, so rare, so convenient), the depth rating, the 60-hour power reserve, the nifty date window, the restrained bracelet, the landmark horology...

    There are no bad things, but some might prefer 20mm lugs (although 19mm looks right), and some might like micro-adjustment on the clasp (although 3mm increments are possible by juggling the links). And maybe 12.84mm is near the limit for a three-hander - not much thicker than a Datejust, but within a human hair of a Speedmaster Pro. There's also one thing that's a characteristic rather than a flaw - the hour hand can look short when light doesn't strike the bevelled tip of the hand.

    For my money, the Aqua Terra is the best of its up-market and all-purpose kind. No matter how deep your pockets, it leaves you with very little reason to hanker after anything else.

    It's a handy watch. You could wear it continuously for the rest of your life and always be wearing the right watch. You could take it for granted but still be conscious of something classy on your wrist. You can be less bothered about other watches because you've got this one. You can take quiet pleasure in its quality. It's complete.

    Size, colour, strap.

    The medium model suits my 7.5" wrist and I like the idea of case and movement being a natural fit. Had I been the designer, my first draft would have been of the medium version.

    Grey is relaxed and versatile. As in architecture and interior design, grey allows features to be prominent without throwing them into sharp relief. Grey likes a bit of harmony.

    I did think about trying a strap, but the case height probably favours the bracelet. Good - no pondering, no chopping and changing.

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    Aqua Terra - optimus classis

    Good write up and great pics. While I sometimes wish I had the splash of blue that the Skyfall AT brings, my gray AT is about as versatile as any watch out there. I like how It changes shades from a light gray to almost a tobacco brown to a darker slate. A true grab and go no thinking necessary.
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    Pure class. Lovely watch.

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    Dang nice, Tribe

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    Excellent, Alan. I also have the same watch and, like Dienekes, I also considered the blue of the Skyfall at a certain point (several certain points, in fact). In the end I was put off by the sunburst on the blue. It just felt like too much was going on when combined with the "teak" effect dial giving the watch a slightly different, fancier character and I'm not sure it's me.
    I still get tempted by the white every now and then but it would have to be an addition rather than a replacement as I know I would miss the grey if were to part with it.

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    Couldn't agree more. White's nice, also.

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    Yup, the white version is very tempting and would have been my second choice.

    Blue has an immediate appeal and looks perfect for some watches, such as the Glashütte Original Sixties. I'm not sure it has the same 'meant to be rightness' when applied to the Aqua Terra. With blue, I think I would have sometimes wondered if I'd made the right choice, but I don't see that happening with grey. Ultimately though, it's a personal choice, and I could understand a preference for any of the colours.

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    First of all great overall summary and stellar pictures. I never tried the 38.5mm so maybe that would work better for me. This is one of the few watches the arrow hand works on (I still not fully in love with them on the PO).


    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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    Great post, couldn't agree more. I never really gave the grey dial a chance you know but it's a great option, very classy.
    My opaline silver dial here won out against the blue in the bunfight at the AD corral when I was choosing. :-)

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