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Thread: This just in, Bremont Supermarine S500 blue

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    This just in, Bremont Supermarine S500 blue

    I've always liked Bremont watches (love the case design) but never really thought about getting one in the short term (I've been looking for a mechanical chrono for a while... a departure from my beloved dive watches). Well, some weeks ago I was with a couple of friends, and I was able to check out their Bremonts (Alt1-C, Supermarine and B52). And down the rabbit hole....

    After a little more than two weeks, I found a deal on a blue Supermarine that I just couldn't refuse. My initial impressions... this thing rocks!

    Even though I had try a Supermarine.... when I got back home and checked the specifications of the watch, I was concern with the thickness, as my wrist is just 6.75". However, the design of the case makes the watch visually less thick, plus the design of the lugs hugs my wrist rather nicely. Like it on the rubber strap, but can't wait to try it on the bracelet (have one incoming next week). Nice weight, watch feels solid but not overly heavy. All in all, I believe this one will stay on my collection for some time.

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    Looks great Joe, a fabulous addition to the collection. Lume looks sick, and we know it's a great build quality...looks like the fit is good too, I was worried it would be too big for me(thanks a lot for helping spend my money).

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    It looks great, Joe!

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    Killer lume. I've said before and will say again; that's a tank of a watch. For how rugged it is, it's actually got a small footprint.

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    Superb watch Joe. Great choice.
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    Gorgeous. Love the dial and the outstanding lume.
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    I think these have the most elegant dials of any dive watch. Combine that with it being tough as nails, and it's a winner. Congrats!

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    Great watch, my favorite Bremont

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    Great watch. I have the black dial and love it. One of the best dive watches I have owned to date.

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    Lovely watch
    Regards Cam

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