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Thread: SOLD - Lady Rolex 26mm - SOLD

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    SOLD - Lady Rolex 26mm - SOLD

    Hey Cats,

    Offering up the Rolex for a sale trade combo.

    Ref. 79160
    Serial no. P series dates it at 2000

    Asking $1200 US plus a men's automatic sport styled watch. Brands I'm interested in are: Sinn, Hamilton, Tissot, quality makers like those, would also consider Vintage automatic Seamasters in stainless in running condition etc.

    The goal is to set the ceiling at $2000 in a total value transaction but the watch in trade should at least be valued at $500+

    I'd like to stay in North America on this if possible.

    Payment in the form of an international money order or bank transfer.

    I have excellent feedback and have completed several transactions through WUS, Kijiji etc. Never a unhappy transaction counterpart to date "knock on wood"

    Paypal is not linked to my bank account nor will it ever be so I can't offer that as a payment option.

    The history of this watch is known by many if not most here if my "Thrift store score" post was seen at WUS. This was found in a baggie full of watches.

    The watch was found in an overbanked condition that I repaired. If you're concerned I am quite skilled at watch service as I have and still am being trained by a local watchmaker. I'm also being monitored and quizzed by a local repair shop owner that services clocks and watches to prepare me for managing and doing the service work for his business if I meet his criteria..... Just some information on how serious I'm taking my education in this field.

    Nothing was broken, over banking is the result of an impact just at the exact moment when the roller jewel is at it's absolute end of its swing within the pallet fork, just enough flex gets applied thus causing the roller to jump out of the fork, we're talking micrometers here. The repair is very simple for a skilled watch repair person. The procedure is to remove the balance assembly and put it right back in which took me about 10 minutes.

    The only glaring issue is the scarring on the case back caused by my tool slipping, it is designed to open a Rolex, it was my error in setting up the tool.

    Now I do understand that many of us would rightfully feel that Rolex should have performed the repair. However, if it was a man's watch they would have as I would be keeping it for myself considering my initial investment on the watch but it only makes sense that I do the repair.

    Can't recuperate a $1250.00 plus tax service bill on this watch unfortunately.

    The watch is very accurate at cosc standards, after my Junghans Mega it's second most accurate.

    Hopefully these pictures are adequate but if you'd like them sent directly to you please feel free to ask.

    Any questions please feel free to drop me a note.

    I hope I've covered everything adequately.

    Thanks for reading my post.


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    Moderators, please delete. I'm still getting enquiries but the watch is long gone.

    Also can you please PM me to let me know that this post is gone.

    Thank you,

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    Preston, we leave past sales posts for their reference value, but I have marked it as sold for you.

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